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General Joshua Mitchell, nicknamed Mitch, was a decorated GDI commander, who founded an experimental technology battalion codenamed Steel Talons during the Second Nod Reunification War.


His subordinates specialize in using experimental GDI combat ordnance, and the strong-willed and risk-taking Mitchell managed to secure a special fund, which had the sole purpose of ensuring that GDI continued to maintain its technological edge. One of the most prominent supporters of Mitchell was the famed former TWI commando, colonel Nick Parker.

His reasoning based on the fact that large amounts of population could remain disspirited as long as Tiberium was present on Earth and could provide ready recruits for the Brotherhood of Nod. Mitchell's words rang true, with Nod expanding its forces through militants.[1]

Kane describes Mitchell as an arrogant commander (like most GDI commanders he sees) but does realise that his tactics of superior firepower and armour are not something to be underestimated.


Mitchell appears briefly in What's Rightfully Ours, taunting LEGION. The GDI commanding officer makes it clear that the area is occupied by the GDI Steel Talons division and that they do not take too kindly to Nod forces on their turf. Even though the Nod AI succeeded in securing his tactical objectives, GDI Steel Talons prepared to organize a counter-attack forcing LEGION's troops to leave.

Mitchell appears once more in an intercepted GDI transmission after Nod's "grand gesture", believing it to be an accident and not Nod sabotage.

He is portrayed by Daniel Kucan, one of Joseph Kucan's brothers.


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