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KW gameicon
KW gameicon
Juggernaut Mk. II
CNCKW Behemoth

CNCKW Steel Talons Logo Steel Talons

  • Artillery walker
  • Personnel carrier
  • Cannon (x3)
  • Infantry-carrying pod


Hit points


Armour type

Light (100% Cannon, 75% Rocket, 25% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)

Transport slots

1 infantry squad



Build time


Produced by

GDI War Factory
Reclamator hub


Tech Center



Ground attack

1000 (Cannon)


3 seconds



Attack range

100 min/600 max


CNCTW Evacuate Cameo Evacuate


Leaves husk when destroyed

CNCKW Behemoth Cameo

The Juggernaut Mk. II, better known as the Behemoth is a GDI artillery walker that entered service after the Second Tiberium War. It is the direct successor of the Juggernaut Mk. I and only appears in Kane's Wrath


Let's walk!
- Behemoth moving

After-action analysis revealed the Juggernaut artillery walkers were ill-equipped to repel close quarters assaults from infantry. As an interim solution, Juggernauts were modified with a dorsal infantry-carrying pod. These infantry-carrying Juggernauts proved successful and the type was authorized for full development, and nicknamed the Behemoth.[1]

The Behemoth combat trials were carried out by the Steel Talons experimental combat technology division. It was expected the vehicle would see general deployment afterwards.[1]

The Behemoth was succeeded by the Juggernaut Mk. III, which ended up being the general issue vehicle for the Third Tiberium War. The Mk. III did not have the infantry pod, but has better mobility and the ability to bombard long distance targets.


CNCTW Evacuate Cameo
Evacuate Evacuate orders the infantry unit stationed inside the vehicle to immediately exit the Behemoth (Ctrl+A).


Aside from the garrison pod, Behemoths look virtually identical to standard Juggernauts, sporting three large assault cannons that can pummel enemies from an impressive distance. However, the Behemoth lacks the Juggernaut's ability to fire on enemies from across the battlefield with a Sniper Team's aid, as snipers were not a part of the Steel Talons' arsenal.



  • Garrison pod allows for limited defense against enemy units that get too close, it also is the only artillery unit in the game with anti-air capabilities as it can be garrisoned with a missile squad
  • Devastating firepower against both vehicles and structures including epic units and other slow moving targets
  • Slightly faster rate of fire than standard Juggernauts
  • Capable of crushing vehicles underfoot
  • Excellent in urban combat due to fire ports
  • Exemplary in both offensive and defensive roles
  • Build cost is not altered because of garrison pod
  • Can be used as an improvised base defense (as Steel Talons lack Sonic Emitters)


  • Only available to Steel Talons
  • Remains a favorite target for commandos and aircraft
  • Slow moving speed
  • Long preparation time of pre-attack, and turret turning speed is painfully slow
  • Retains the Juggernaut's relatively weak armor
  • Easily overwhelmed by cheap units or higher-tier vehicles
  • Like all artillery units, it cannot fire on targets too close
  • Incapable of firing across the battlefield on coordinates provided by Sniper Teams, thus impossible to offset the inaccuracy issue
  • In order to maximize garrison efficiency, must cooperate with other factions as Steel Talons doesn't have advanced infantry like Zone Troopers or Zone Raiders



  • Behemoth emerging!
  • Ready for orders!
  • Online!


  • Guns ready!
  • Awaiting orders!
  • Ready and waiting!
  • Behemoth!
  • Walkers here!
  • Armored artillery!
  • How 'bout some action?


  • I'll be there!
  • On my way!
  • New arc confirmed.
  • Let's walk!
  • Behemoth in motion!
  • Copy!


  • Let 'er rip!
  • Give 'em what they came for!
  • Hit 'em hard!
  • Takin' it out!
  • Level it!
  • Won't know what hit 'em!
  • Makin' rubble!
  • Pulverized!
  • Brace for fire!
  • Behemoth ho!
  • Where do you think you're going?!?
  • Time for action!


  • There's our spot!
  • We'll lock it down!
  • Fireworks time!
  • Send the barrage!

Move to Attack

  • Trackin' 'em down!
  • Coordinates acquired!
  • Moving to art position!
  • Attack position confirmed!

In combat

  • Keep the shells coming!
  • Hold 'em down!
  • Welcome to the party!
  • Hell, yeah!
  • Woohoo!!!
  • Engaged!


  • Artillery withdrawing!
  • Turn her around!
  • Let's get outta here!



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