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KA-3 Tesla plane



Experimental Air-Superiority Fighter


Anti-air tesla cannons

The Krasna Aerospace KA-3 Tesla plane was a fighter jet designed to be the primary combat aircraft of the Soviet Union.

The first KA-3 prototype spectacularly exploded during its test flight, killing Krasna Aerospace's lead aircraft designer and test pilot. This threw Krasna Aerospace into disarray and left a gap in the military capability of the Union, with industry analysts predicting that the Soviet Union would not be able to field a credible air superiority fighter for at least a decade.

This state of affairs persisted until two young visionary designers, Mikevich and Guroyan, joined forces and founded the Mikevich-Gurevoyan Aircraft Corp to create the MiG fighter, one of the most successful air superiority fighters in the world.


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