Karachi is the largest city and seaport of Pakistan. During the Great World War II, the Soviet Union used it as a command post.

Role in Red Alert 1

Since the Soviet Union invaded much of Europe, including Greece and Germany in their dirty hands by the Soviet Commander and Premier Josef Stalin, the city of Karachi in Pakistan became a command post to him because of invading Asia during the Great World War II as new Soviet troops arrived in to invade Eastern Asia. The Allies had no choice to hold off the conquest of Europe by the Soviets to withdraw some of their own forces to Asia for another offensive.

When Allied troops surrendered to the Soviets all around Asia, the Soviet Union's communist friend China, which had been invaded at that moment became the major Command Centre and waited for a celebrated victory for their Commander & Stalin dropping into destroying the main Allied base in London, England while Karachi is still the Soviet command post in Pakistan. It is not known if Pakistan became the Soviet Union's best friend.

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