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KW gameicon
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Keys to the Kingdom
The Ion Cannon Uplink outpost

A Grand Gesture


All That Glitters

Part of





Johannesburg, South Africa


GDI Ion Cannon temporarily neutralized
Blueprints for the Global Ion Cannon Network stolen





Capture all 4 Network Research Centers
Destroy Ion Cannon Uplink and Network Communications Center

Destroy Nod Strike force


Alexa Kovacs

Unnamed GDI officer


Shadow Teams

Guardian APCs
Orca Mk. IV
Rifleman squads



Ion Cannon network
Several captured Network Research Centers

LEGION, our weapons do not yet meet the needs of the Prophet. Marshal your forces, infiltrate GDI's South African research center and claim everything for the Brotherhood. But be mindful, GDI's Ion Cannon Network cannot be countered... yet, discovery by the enemy would jeopardize everything.
- Alexa Kovacs briefing LEGION.

Keys to the Kingdom is the fifth mission of Kane's Wrath.


Our little demonstration has roused the beast. All over the planet, the people are rising up against their GDI oppressors. The wheels are in motion but it is not yet our time. We must build, we must prepare..
- Kane to LEGION.

After the Firestorm Crisis, the Brotherhood was seemingly broken upon the apparent death of the Prophet Kane at the hands of the Global Defense Initiative. However, unknown to them, Kane had in fact survived and had been plotting in the shadows with the aid of his advanced artificial intelligence known as LEGION. With it as well as the aid of loyalist Nod forces; he was able to recruit many soldiers to the Brotherhood's cause, retrieve lost stealth technology and return the Black Hand into the fold.

KW 5 Keys to the Kingdom 02

One of the 4 Network Research Centers

Thus, now ready to make more open strikes against GDI, Kane dispatched LEGION on a mission to acquire new weapons for the Brotherhood by taking it from a research center in South Africa. Further actions also involved the capturing of the Network Research Centers for the plans of GDI's Ion Cannon which Nod had no defense or counter at the time.


Although not a full walkthrough, the difficult section of the mission on hard begins once you bring down the Network Communication Center. Before you get to this stage, level up your Shadow Teams by the south barracks near the Ore Field. Use the commando to draw fire and kill the teams, then camp the entrance until they all reach heroic status. Before destroying the Communications Center, have them flying upwards to the very north border of the map. It is also a good idea to destroy all structures on the north island where the Ion Cannon was to prevent future rocket troopers going inside.

After destroying the structure, get your commando to get back to the base. Fly the Shadow Teams completely north, then to the right. You should be flying over watch towers, and barely or just out of range of the AA guns. Here you can target their air strip to prevent all future aircraft. Afterward you can take out all their power plants and construction yard.

Back at home base, move your MCV to the right of the ore patch and deploy. Deploy all your Reckoners above your MCV and aim to build a War Factory around them to cover repairs. It also helps to put up a laser turret or shredder. Note you'll be attacked to the right as well, so get some laser turrets and shredders there too after the first attack. Your commando will have to cover in the reckoner due to the APCs, and will have to garrison the south building to stay safe for the right assault. You'll have some power issues while aiming for these defenses, so try and plan what structures come up.

After these attacks and destroying the GDI base, you should slow them down enough in production and defense systems. Get some Scorpion and Flame tanks ready, as well as a bunch of Engineers (like 8 or something). Airlift an engineer to take the far right center, and airlift the rest northward. Due to the defense systems being down, you'll be safely able to airlift them. Try and coordinate so you rush engineers to the right and left to capture all the buildings. At this time it would be wise to charge all the tanks you've built northward to destroy anything and give cover.

Note it is key to get your Shadow Teams to take out the airstrip and power plants while building up sufficient defense.

This is probably a very odd way of completing the mission due to the Shadow Teams going northward, but this works out really well if you done right

Valuable assets

There are several Tiberium Spikes scattered around the map. These can come in use, if captured.



  • One of the Nod militia soldiers ponders that the area surrounding GDI's South African Research Center was strangely familiar to him, "like (he) fought here before". If one studies the map layout closely, it bears a marking resemblance to the Riverside Rumble skirmish map in Tiberium Wars. This may also be a reference to the original Command & Conquer; Tiberian Dawn, in the non-canonical Nod ending where the Brotherhood attacked Johannesburg to secure something in regards to the Ion Cannon, just like in this mission.
  • One of the Nod militia soldiers will respond after seeing the defenses at the beginning of the GDI base with: This place is locked down tighter than Kilian's... No, no, sir, I didn't say nothing... This is nothing less than a sexual joke.
  • Even after the time is up and the Ion Cannon is fired at LEGION's base, he still has a few seconds during Kovacs' transmission to capture the last building. If he succeeds, the victory will be achieved as normal.
  • At the end of the mission, Alexa will say to LEGION: "LEGION, GDI’s technological supremacy is no more, we have a host of new weapons available to you, be the fist of the Prophet. Peace through power.", therefore suggesting that this level was supposed to be about something entirely different at some point in development.
Kane's Wrath Missions

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