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Kill-A-Ton was a mission in the Commander's Challenge. The FutureTech CPO said that the Desolators were created in hospitals across Omsk as they lose their memories there. They were used in European Union/Allied Romania against the same Commander that did the Commander's Challenge mode and in Transylvania.

It's the twenty-ninth mission after Dirty Tricks and before Caught in the Crossfire.


The Futuretech Commander is sent to Central Australia in dealing with one of Moskvin's latest weapons, the Desolator. Kelly Weaver during the briefing believes an industrial accident actually happened here in Central Australia which included some Super Reactors, a Conscript killed by the explosion, a Terror drone destroyed and a shipment of explosive barrels coming from the nearby harbor.

The Commander avoids a big Desolator and a Yuriko Omega clone following him and destroys Moskvin's base of operations. FutureTech now suggests that the accident was caused by something that the Soviets did in the first place before Nikolai Moskvin rushed to the scene from his defeat in Guinea. Also, the military company finds that Iraq had Desolators beforehand during the Third World War in 1972 as they chose to ally with the Soviet Union against the United States of America for being involved in the Second World War.

Strategies and Notes

The middle of the map has neutral heavily damaged Super Reactors that emit desolation at intervals. Moskvin will send many infantry that hug the left side of the map, Terror Drones which are immune to desolation will wander around or will search for an undefended refinery and attempt to infect your miner, and expand to the ore mines. If Moskvin is given enough time he will send MiGs, Kirovs, bullfrogs, and many Desolators. 

  • Desolators are extremely durable and are highly resistant to tier 1 defenses, so it would be wise to wait until you get a stronger base defense.
  • The Kirovs will try to backdoor you so keep a good number of anti-air units at the ready, preferably Apollos, MiGs, or Jet Tengus.
  • The city has no desolation around and Moskvin doesn't send his infantry that way, so consider this a path for your ground units.

Briefing Information


  • The name of the mission is a play on the word kiloton.
  • Kill-A-Ton could've also been referenced from the Bioshock series. The nickname, "Big Daddy" resembles a Desolator and has a little girl right next to him (the doll is that of Yuriko Omega in the Shiro Sanitarium during her Final Exam escape and Ruin and Reunion return from Guam).