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Kiting refers to the tactic of using a unit with superior range (and, preferably, speed and maneuverability as well) to attack another unit while constantly attempting to stay out of range of that unit. The defining feature is using a unit's superior range and speed to avoid attack. However, it can be micro intensive.

Ideally, the unit used should have long range, be turreted and have good speed and maneuverability.

Attacking a stationary structure from outside its range is NOT kiting since it does not require movement. Nor is attacking a unit which cannot counter attack regardless of range. Despite their long range artillery units which need to deploy to fire usually cannot kite effectively due to their awkward maneuverability and often slow speed.

Ideal Units for kiting

  • Prism Tanks - Their long range weapon (comparable to siege units) and decent speed allowed them to wipe out infantry formations (and vehicles if used carefully) with no fear of counter attack.
  • IFV + Sniper or Multigunner IFV + Spy - Again, ideal at killing infantry from afar.
  • Rocket buggies are ideal units for kiting tanks (especially Overlords), due to their amazing speed and long-ranged attacks.
  • Attack bikes (in Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun and Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath) can be exceptional at kiting as they are the fastest ground vehicle in the game in all three games and their relatively good damage rate allows them to run circles around almost anything and do damage while doing so.

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