A land mine is a type of area denial ordnance.


Second World War

Both the Allies and the Soviet Union used minelayers during the Second World War. Allied mines were primarily anti-tank devices. The Soviets used anti-personnel devices of a design with four trip wires extending radially from the charge.

First Tiberium War

Proximity mines were used by GDI and Nod during the First Tiberium War.

Third Tiberium War

In the Third Tiberium War both GDI and Nod used general purpose land mines. GDI deployed theirs from Guardian APCs and Mobile Repair Transports, while Nod did so from the Armageddon bomber. The Marked of Kane uses a modified version of Nod land mines that instead of exploding to harm enemy units, it latches onto vehicles and damages them until said vehicles are destroyed or the mines are removed by repair drones.

Fourth Tiberium War

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