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Red Alert 1

Landsberg am Lech is a local town in Germany. In the old timeline, Adolf Hitler was imprisoned here after trying to rebel in Munich for supporting his parliamentary party back a year ago by storming a pub, somewhere in the city.

Einstein's Erasing

Using a Chronosphere, Albert Einstein travelled from the United States in 1946 to this city back twenty-two years ago. Adolf Hitler was released from imprisonment and met Einstein as a free man. After talking with each other, the latter shook hands with Einstein as Hitler got assassinated by the effectiness of the Chronosphere. Einstein travelled back into America after that was successful. As he said that Hitler was gone, Einstein's assistant congratulated him.

The words that Einstein finally said was:

Time will tell. Sooner or later, Time will tell.
- Einstein

With Hitler erased, Josef Stalin who became Premier in 1925 had announced that the Soviet Union had grown much power due to the New York Stock Market crash in 1929. To have Germany alone as a European ally to France and Great Britain, Stalin dreamed of taking over the Atlantic from Europe and netural United States of America to the Pacific Ocean. In a cover-up, he sent Radik Gradenko to invade Asia and Eastern Europe for more land. With relationships from Asian Defense League, Freedom Consortium and World Democratic Society members, a Second World War has began in Europe.