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Lazarus Protocol
NMS exploding
The three Nuclear Silos exploding with its doors closed.

Great World War II


Start of Great World War III

Part of

Psychic Dominator Crisis

Start Date

Operation: Red Dawn
Operation: Lone Guardian

End Date

Operation: Time Shift
Operation: Power Play


United States of America


Recapture of the United States (Allied campaign)
Capture of America (Soviet campaign)



Soviet Union

Yuri's Army


Destroy the Soviets for invading US territory and nuking Chicago
Remove Yuri's presence

Destroy all Allied forces inside the United States
Destroy Yuri's Psychic Dominator
Capture General Vladimir for betraying the Soviet people

Oversee the battles using Psychic technology
Destroy all Allied and Soviet forces


Lord Yuri


Full Allied arsenal

Full Soviet arsenal

Full Yuri arsenal


Extremely Massive

Below Massive


RA2 Gameicon
RA2 Gameicon
The Lazarus Protocol was an emergency order in effect in the United States government. The protocol basically a callup and mobilization for all available forces, men, women and children in military service and reserve. The protocol also effectively introduce martial law immediately.

After the Soviet Union began a successful invasion of the United States and after failed nuclear response, the President's Lazarus Protocol came in effect to help coordinate a counter-offensive against the invading forces after the Nuclear Missiles were sabotaged. Once completed, intelligence officer Lt. Eva Lee managed to get into contact with the Allied Commander and was thankful that he was the only one alive.


Behold the might of Mother Russia!!!
- Vladimir, launches a Nuclear Missile Silo at Chicago.

The Sabotage

Dugan pleads with Romanov that the two superpowers, both the United States of America and the USSR should be Allies to each other, during an emergency telephone call. The Premier responded that Romanov's have a legacy to consider. During the nuclear retaliation order aimed at Moscow directly inside the Nuclear Missile Silo Yuri's Psychic Corps brainwashed one of the operators Jerry Boyd who shot the other nuclear silo operator with his pistol.

This kept shut all the silo doors exploding the nuclear missiles in the silos completely destroying the United states of America nuclear arsenal. It is believed that Boyd had survived the incident. This forced the Allied Commander to meet Carville at the Pentagon and Dugan's to issue defence orders to the new Commander.

The Chicago Incident

During the battle of Chicago Colorado, Just after an Psychic Amplifier was destroyed General Vladimir launched a nuclear missle at Chicago destroying the city. This had shocked the world including Romanov who was horrified about Vladimir's actions, the Europeans decided to help the United States. Tanya and the survived Allied Commander had destroyed a Soviet Missile Base at the German-Polish border. A counter-offensive had been declared to destroy the Soviet forces at Washington DC in Operation: Liberty.

Counter-offensive Missions

Soviet Campaign (Alternated)

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 2 and some details might contradict canon.

Note: The Lazarus Protocol fails in this Soviet campaign during its alternate history.

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