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Leaflet Drop
Leaflet Drop Effect (Generals)
Second after an Leaflet Drop impact


Build time



USA Command Center


The Leaflet Drop is dropped by plane, and will spread propaganda leaflets over nearby targets. Any units will cease to fight while they take their time to consider the message delivered.

ZH Leaflet Drop Icons

A Leaflet Drop is an American General's Power that is designed to disable units for several minutes.


It can be described as a propaganda drop, using leaflets and limited paradroppable supplies to confuse and sway the enemy thus making them temporarily lose their will to fight. Their commander usually comes and takes repressive action to return the swayed units to the fold, but this takes valuable time for them. The drop is set for any American Commander, but it is part of the level 5 option if Commanders wanted more power to disable any units. This is carried in a B-52 Stratofortress.


Some counter options to prevent units being disabled is to destroy the B-52 using GLA Quad Cannons, American Avengers or Chinese Gattling Tanks. Chinese and GLA commanders cannot get this weapon into their arsenal if they capture an American base. It can only affect units, not structures.

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