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Biographical information


Political information

People's Republic of China


General Class AAAA (Dragon General)

Game information

Zero Hour


High-Ranking Chinese General


Pamela Woon

In the end, all fall before me!
- Leang

General "Tigress" Leang is a Chinese Class AAAA Dragon General stationed close to Tibet.


As a member of the PLA's Elite Forces, Leang is a flexible commander, leading a mixed military force that brings together the best infantry, vehicles, defensive structures and special forces operatives from the entire world. Her arsenal includes American troops, Chinese tanks, GLA guerillas and superweapons from all factions. She is among one of the few PLA generals that is most trusted by the United States, allowing her access to certain American weapons and technology. Rumor has it however that she is not above using stolen GLA weaponry in her arsenal.

General Leang is stationed at Base Dragon, Lanzhou, China, near the border with Tibet.


General Leang has a unique, custom made army list. Superweapons double as tech centers (the equivalent of Palace, strategy center and propaganda center) for the purposes of training advanced units.



Ground vehicles

  • Combat cycle (With Terrorist  driving, can only be changed with one of her RPG Troopers produced from a Tunnel Network. Also, for some reason uses Rocket Buggy quotes. Lacks sound when changing from Terrorist to RPG Trooper or vice versa. Has no quotes for moving or attacking. Uses vanilla GLA Terrorist.)
  • Sentry drone (without gun)
  • Gattling tank (with American Composite Armor upgrade)
  • Dragon tank (with American Composite Armor upgrade)
  • Avenger (vanilla)
  • Overlord tank (vanilla, interestingly)
  • Tomahawk launcher
  • Rocket buggy (vanilla)
  • Paladin tank (req. General's promotion)






General's Powers

One Star

Three Star

Five Star

General's challenge

Suicide is not a tactic, General.
- Leang talking in better position

Leang's stronghold appears nigh impregnable, but her display of power at the "only" entrance to her base was purely intimidatory. Her base consumes massive amounts of power, supplied by poorly defended power plants to the right of the deep ravine.

Another strategy to defeat Leang is to fight fire with fire, building WMDs of their own and attacking the largest groups of power plants or units. Her attacks are devastating at worst, often involving a Sneak Attack at the back of her enemy's base before cutting their supply lines and destroying some vital structures. While often rather arrogant and convinced of her own overwhelming strength, Leang was not above humility upon defeat. Unlike most Commanders, Leang surrenders when she loses all her logistical abilities, forgoing redirection of resources to a strategic force.

Her superweapons, although intimidating, suffer strategic fatal flaw: they rely on special structures located outside her main base perimeter, and destroying or taking over one of them will reset the timer for all her superweapons. GLA may also count on sneak attack, rebel ambush tactic, and/or use Saboteur on Leang's power grid to disrupt superweapon countdowns (excluding Scud Storm).


After defeating General Ta Hun Kwai, he states that the "Tigress" (Leang) will crush the general like an insect.

She is playable in several Zero Hour mods, such as Shockwave, A Global Crisis (as a United Nations General), Reborn: The Last Stand.

Oddly, while she supposedly draws from "the best of the best", she does not. For example, she uses Rangers as her primary infantry unit, when the obvious better choice would be General Fai's Minigunners. She uses the standard Aurora Bombers and not Alexander's Alpha versions. There are no Comanches in her air force, nor are there any Chinooks. She also uses the vanilla superweapons. Most of the units she has are not from any of the Zero Hour generals, with the King Raptor being the sole exception.


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