Liberation of Stuttgart

Second Battle of Munich


Invasion of Earth


Liberation of Cologne

Part of

Third Tiberium War




Stuttgart, Germany (New Eden)


GDI liberates the destroyed city of Stuttgart and eliminated the alien presence


Global Defense Initiative



Liberate Stuttgart

Destroy remaining GDI presence


GDI Commander (TWIII)
Lt. Kirce James
Lt Fullerton



GDI Stuttgart garrison including a commando, Zone Troopers, GDI infantry squads, Pitbulls, APCs and Predators

Scrin occupational force of Buzzers, Disintegrators, Annihilatot Tripods and alien base



All. Drone Ship captured by GDI

The liberation of Stuttgart was a battle between GDI and Scrin forces that occurred in Stuttgart, Germany. By the time GDI liberated the city from the aliens, the area was in urban ruin, littered with wreckages of the GDI vehicles.


As part of diversionary tactics, the Scrin invaded New Eden with brutal efficiency. The GDI garrison at Stuttgart was completely surprised by the attack, leaving their vehicles destroyed and the city in ruin. The survivors were cut off from each other and surrounded by the aliens, the GDI base and outposts in the city left abandoned. By the end of the assault only the commanding officer, GDI commando Lt. Fullerton, escaped the aliens and was in direct contact with GDI High Command.

Salvaging the survivors

GDI High Command sent their best field commander to Stuttgart and guided Lt. Fullerton through the wrecked city searching for survivors. One group of survivors in particular, the Engineer Corps, could be used to bring the outposts and bases back online. As Fullerton made his way to the engineers, he fought off Scrin patrols and rescued some infantry squads along the way. He picked up more survivors as the group escorted the engineers to the outposts and the main GDI base. In one case Fullerton planted explosive charges on an Annihilator Tripod, allowing an engineer to capture its husk and render it operational. Rescuing all survivors, the group managed to power up the base, and began planning a counterattack.

GDI counterattack

Using the lessons learnt at Munich, the GDI commander sent two engineers to power up the Sonic Emitters to hold the Scrin forces at bay. He also sent engineers to capture the Tiberium spikes and silos for credit to fund the operation. This allowed the commander to build his forces of survivors, vehicles and tanks to advance through the ruined city towards the Scrin base in the north-west corner of Stuttgart. The GDI force then immediately surrounded the aliens and destroyed the base defenses. Much of the aliens production facilities were destroyed, although the commander sent in an engineer to capture the alien Drone Ship for intel. GDI had thus liberated Stuttgart from the aliens.


The Liberation of Stuttgart enabled GDI to immediately replicate the results at Cologne, before driving the main Scrin force out of Europe back into the Red Zones.