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For Libya in the Tiberium Universe, see Libya (Tiberium).

World Socialist Alliance
Soviet Union



Standard Units

Soviet Units and Structures Summary

Unique units
and/or bonuses

Demolition Truck


Third World War (Red Alert 2)
Third World War (Yuri's Revenge)

Current status


Libya is an ally of the Soviet Union, and a member of the World Socialist Alliance.

Role in the WSA

The Libyan armed forces are standardised to the USSR/WSA model, with the notable exception of the demolition truck, a truck containing a small nuke used for suicidal runs at enemy bases, self-destructing near the target (assuming it had reached its target). They could be made temporarily invulnerable by the Iron Curtain. The trucks were prominently used during the rescue of Premier Romanov in Morocco from Yuri's forces.

Cut content

Originally, Libya was named African Empire (the code still refers to it as such). It was an infantry-focused Soviet faction, with veteran Tesla troopers and infantry build times decreased by 25%. These variables can still be enabled by editing the rules.ini file.

Factions of the Command & Conquer Universes

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