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Liquid Tiberium Core
CNCTW Nod Power Plant Upgrade
A Nod power plant upgraded with a Liquid Tiberium Core

CNC3 Nod Logo Nod
CNCKW Black Hand Logo Black Hand
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo Marked of Kane



Build time


Produced by

Tech Lab
Nod Power Plant

Hot key



Increases the power output of this Power Plant.

CNCTW Liquid Tiberium Core Cameo
TW Liquid Tiberium Core Icons

A Tech Lab enables any Nod power plant (Tiberium Wars) to triple their power output by means of a Liquid Tiberium Core. In Kane's Wrath however, only an Operations center is required to perform this. Note that this makes Nod power plants vulnerable to abilities related to Tiberium, such as Tiberium Vibration Scan and the Ravager's Tiberium Agitation.

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