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Loading crane

Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative

Base unit



Dock crane for the Brotherhood or GDI.






In missions at Hampton Roads Naval Base and Alexandria.




Campaign only


Technologies from either GDI or Nod to be lifted.


Carry technologies to naval forces at their port.


Campaign only

The Loading crane is part of a harbour's installment. It can lift supplies, GDI or Nod technologies and other goods off ships and loaded onto trucks to head out for their destination being in which territory that they already choose and follow their route.

Recent Deployment

In GDI's campaign at Alexandria, an objective was to destroy two Loading cranes in the north of the map. The Commander also had to deal with military compounds controlling the region and destroy Nod forces at the top. He used Orcas from his Airfield and destroyed both Loading cranes before taking out Nod's Battleships, and after killing Militant Rocket Squads who were strong against GDI's Orca fighters. After the Loading cranes were destroyed with the Battleships, a Hovercraft brought in two Mammoth tanks as Nod's military was put on alert at their own base to destroy them, but got entrenched by GDI's heavy firepower from the two Mammoth tanks that were embarked.

At Hampton Roads in Nod's campaign, the Loading cranes there weren't used by GDI as a Commando infiltrated the port. She killed off GDI patrols consisting Rifleman Squads and then after killing her rival Commando, she blew up GDS Pathe. Reinforcements consisting Fanatics and Venoms, later a Saboteur who lost contact with Nod intelligence before the Legendary Insurgent's briefing with Ajay at the beginning of this mission. They killed off Sniper teams, dealt with garrisoned buildings, destroyed a few outposts until capturing the Command Post to obtain information and then, destroyed GDI's Port authority building to not let GDI control the port no longer than expected.

Man, these Snipers are killing our Fanatic squads. Use your Venoms to flush out the bastards!
- Ajay

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