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MBT-6 Predator Tank
  • Basic
  • Upgrade with Railgun

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Main battle tank


150mm cannon


Angular armor



Hit points


Armour type

Medium (100% Cannon, 75% Rocket, 25% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)



Build time


Produced by

GDI War Factory
Reclamator hub



Ground attack
  • 400 (Cannon)
  • 572 (Cannon) (upgrade)
  • 2.3 seconds
  • 2.5 seconds (upgrade)


Attack range



CNCTW Railguns Cameo Railguns


CNCTW GDI Call for Transport Cameo Call for transport


Cannot attack aircraft, weak against infantry

Predator, rolling out!
- Predator Tank upon assembly
CNCTW Predator Tank cameo

The MBT-6 Predator is GDI's main battle tank during the events of Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


You'll find the Predator tank effective against Nod's vehicles and structures.
- EVA detailing the tank, Washington DC

After re-evaluating the overall performance and costs of maintaining the aging Titan Mk. I as a main battle vehicle, GDI engineers designed a next generation battle tank to support the walker and eventually replace it by the end of the Second Tiberium War. Expensive to maintain, with complex and often vulnerable legs, the Titan could also not be transported by GDI's new Ox aircraft. Hence the 65 ton[1] Predator battle tank - armed with a massive 150mm cannon, currently forms the backbone of GDI armoured corps.


Once the Scrin Invasion was defeated, the Predator remained in use up until the Tiberium Control Network Conflict, where its inability to deal with the Nod Separatists' hit and run tactics led to a number of the tanks being retrofitted at the Battle of Waukesha. The resulting tanks eventually led to the creation of the new AT-22 Hunter Tank Destroyer: a highly mobile anti-tank vehicle that is both faster than the APC, and more resilient than the Predator. Various Fourth Tiberium War tanks including the Wolf and the Sheppard Tank are built on a Predator-class chassis coupled with next-generation armor technology.[2]


CNCTW GDI Call for Transport Cameo
Call for transport If an Airfield is deployed, Predator can call in a V-35 Ox Transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2 minute cooldown (Ctrl+A).


CNCTW Railguns Cameo
Railguns Provide a significant firepower bonus to GDI's main battle tanks and other heavy armor, nearly doubling their damage per shot output (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Tech Center for $5000 ($4000 in Kane's Wrath) and takes 1:30 to research.


Light 'em up!
- A Predator tank on the assault

The Predator is GDI's Tier 1 tank appearing in the Third Tiberium War. It is GDI's basic counter-armor armored unit and an all-rounder, with tough armor, a powerful weapon and good speed. It is one of the costliest Tier 1 units at $1100, but it is also one of the strongest overall as well.

In the early game, Predators are an excellent way for GDI commanders to try and directly attack enemy assets. Any vehicle an opponent is fielding is likely not to have the firepower or armor to withstand a head on engagement with a Predator, which possesses enough speed to outrun masses of rocket infantry, should they be fielded by the enemy as a response. Against small groups of infantry, the Predator has enough armor and mobility to simply close the distance and safely crush them, or draw fire for anti-infantry support to bring them down. If an opponent tries to establish an expansion base early—such as a forward refinery, Predators are ideal for breaking them and getting away before enemy reinforcements arrive.

Approaching the mid game, and when up against Nod, Predators prove pivotal to deterring Flame Tank assaults, as the Flame Tanks take especially severe amounts of damage from the Predator's formidable main cannon. Throughout the majority of the mid game, the Predator's potent anti-tank capability should work to lethal effect against Nod's mostly fragile early to mid game armor choices.

If up against Scrin, Predators should be prepared for possible Devourer Tank harassment. Should Devourer tanks be given time, they will most likely charge up with Tiberium to gain a major firepower advantage - becoming capable of knocking out Predators from a distance with just a few shots. On the flipside, Predators do possess a slight speed, rate of fire and armor advantage. Whilst this advantage wouldn't be enough to chase down harassing Devourers, it gives value to any close-up engagements Predators can find against them. Wether by using structures as cover to close the distance, or rushing Scrin vehicle facilities: their armor, fire rate and cost advantage means they'll trade well, while their speed advantage ensures the Devourers won't be able to escape the head-to-head engagement.

By the late game, GDI commanders may prefer to use Predators in limited numbers supporting alongside their Mammoth Tanks. The Predators are faster - capable of pursuing fleeing targets such as Harvesters and weakened units, and yet possess enough firepower and armor to withstand and even threaten common late game flanking strategies such as Stealth Tank strikes or Attack Bike swarms. Though for most of it, the Mammoth Tanks should be far better suited to doing most of the heavy fighting.

Whilst the Predator's main armament is a monstrous 150mm cannon that packs a serious punch against any and all enemy armor, with the Railguns upgrade in effect, Predators gain even more firepower: making them a formidable ground unit, and giving them pinpoint accuracy - even against infantry.



  • Deadly firepower, drastically improved with the railgun upgrade
  • Strong armor
  • Adequate speed, can outrun most unupgraded infantry
  • Good mobility grants relative ease with crushing infantry
  • Surprisingly light; can be carried by Ox transports
  • Considerably powerful alone; lethal en mass
  • Arguably the best basic tank overall


  • Unupgraded attacks are highly inaccurate against infantry
  • Expensive for a Tier 1 vehicle
  • Slower than both Nod and Scrin Tier 1 equivalents
  • Helpless against aircraft
  • Outranged by many other units



  • Predator, rolling out!


  • Predator!
  • Tank division!
  • Predator crew, ready to roll!
  • Loaded and ready!
  • Standing by!
  • We hear you!
  • Predator ready for battle!


  • Area confirmed!
  • Heading out!
  • Confirmed!
  • Predator en route!
  • Move out armored division!


  • Fire zone confirmed!
  • Confirming target!
  • Engaging enemy!
  • Fire!
  • Light 'em up!
  • Clear a path!
  • Take them out!
  • Let's hit 'em!

Move to Attack

  • Proceeding to target!
  • Entering combat zone!
  • Cleared for engagement!
  • We have their position!
  • Target zone confirmed!

In combat

  • Reload! Reload!
  • They're in our scope!
  • Targeting enemy!
  • We have contact!
  • Assault in progress!


  • Pull back, pull back!
  • Return to base!


Originally, the Predator was to be outfitted with a rocket pod, similar to the ones on the Mammoth 27. For unknown reasons (presumably balance), this feature was removed.




  • In pre-release concepts, rendered animations and models, Predators could be upgraded with missile pods. However, the idea was scrapped, most likely due to balancing reasons.


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