MGT-1A microwave gun tank
CNCTD MGT-1A microwave gun tank concept art


  • Microwave cannon
  • 10mm machinegun
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Wiki The following is based on Tiberian Dawn cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

MGT-1A microwave gun tank was a Nod tank slated to appear in Tiberian Dawn.


Truly a terrifying weapon, the microwave tank would generate arcs of electricity that dance from enemy tank to enemy tank, literally frying the crews in a rather horrifying display. The vehicle had a low-profile tracked chassis and a 10mm machine gun for anti-infantry defence.



MGT-1A microwave gun tank was cut from Tiberian Dawn during development, but a video showcasing its effects appears in the game's credits, in the background.

The Microwave gun tank appears in the mod Dawn of the Tiberium Age as a tier 3 Nod unit.

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