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The Makarov was the sidearm and handgun used by a lot of communist countries, such as the Soviet Union and Vietnam. Its history during the Red Alert Universe became known for its guns and weapons. Colt M1911s are the Allied counterparts of the Soviet sidearm.


Great World War II

The Second World War had the Makarov played a number of roles in the Soviet campaign against the Allies. In the final Soviet mission, Soviet Supremacy was that Nadia who poisoned Stalin with her brew of tea had shot the Premier four times in the back and one in the victim's eye. She tells the Soviet Commander that the Brotherhood of Nod is created, but gets shot in the back by a mysterious man (known as Kane). Kane then proclaims to the Commander...

In the others like Great World War III, the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Post-War Crisis, War of Three Powers and the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising had different sidearms for the Soviet Union to use. One Makarov was seen at the end of Operation: Desecration when a Soviet officer shoots Vladimir inside the White House in a cupboard, before Lord Yuri turned the Soviet Commander in his own attention to brainwashing Dugan.

I am the future...
- Kane

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