First GLA War
On The Waterfront

Current status


Malta is an island country in Europe and was the battlefield to a mission involving the sinking of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier by the Global Liberation Army in the First GLA War.

Generals Universe

The GLA's main base was deliberately attacked by USS Ronald Reagan's airstrikes on the targets. The Global Liberation Army had a taskforce in capturing the American Particle cannon near the first Tunnel Network. Then, the GLA sent a Hijacker to steal the Tomahawk launcher from a Pilot who needed to get in. Despite that being successful, two Hijackers stole two Crusaders before liberating both the Barracks and Palace on the other side. With Jarmen Kell rescued, he took out another two Crusaders and two Fire bases with reinforcements before capturing the Cold fusion reactors to power up the U.S. super weapon.

After finding the Arms Dealer and firing on a well-defended pass made by the enemy, the GLA liberated their main base and on the island near it, two GLA Marauder tanks. The captured U.S. weapon made work on the American naval base on the other side as the GLA forces used a Sneak Attack to get on that island. With a Chinese Overlord tank brought from an island via Sneak Attack, the GLA raced down to destroy the U.S. naval base and the Particle cannon crushed USS Reagan in half. The GLA's prophecy of being mighty were absolutely true by the GLA's communications officer, Kanwar Khan.

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