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Mammoth Mark II
TS Mammoth Mk II

GDI Logo 2030 GDI


Superheavy assault walker

  • Heavy railguns (x4)
  • Autocannon (x2) (not used in-game)
  • SAM batteries (x2)


Tech level


Hit points

800 (up to 2.02)
1200 (2.03, hardcoded)

Armour type




Produced by

GDI war factory


GDI tech center

Ground attack

200 (RailShot)

Air attack

40 (x2) (HE)

  • 60 (ground)
  • 80 (air)


Attack range
  • 8 (ground)
  • 6 (air)
Sight range


  • Cannot gain experience
  • Only one can built at a time
TS Mammoth Mk II Icons

The Mammoth Mk. II was a large GDI quadrupedal walker designed to replace the Mammoth Mk. I tank during the Second Tiberium War. It was by far one of the most powerful units of its time, able to win in a one-on-one match against most targets, and also able to hit more than one target at a time using its railguns.


Second Tiberium War

The Mammoth Mk. II prototype underwent testing at a GDI United Kingdom facility. Test targets included civilian construction, Wolverines, Mammoth tanks, and remote-piloted Orca fighters. The walker was put into production while still in development.[1] Immature technology restricted deployment and sectors with Mk. II's could usually support only one at a time.[2] The Mammoth Mk. II was first deployed in the GDI mission Destroy Prototype Facility where it shot down all of the Banshee aircraft and single-handedly reduced the facility to ruin.

CNCTW Nod Emblem The following is based on the Nod campaign for Tiberian Sun and some details might contradict canon.

A Nod force led by Anton Slavik struck the United Kingdom test facility and destroyed the Mk. II prototype, delaying its arrival on the battlefield.[1]

Demise and re-evaluation

Like other contemporary walkers, the Mk. II was hampered by high construction and maintenance costs, poor reliability, and other vulnerabilities.[3] The last unit was completed at the San Pedro war factory on 12th March 2039 as preparations were made to begin production of its successor in Reykjavik. Colonel Nick Parker was among those against the end of production.[4]
MammothMk2Wreckage CC3 Game1

Mammoth Mk. II wreckage.

The Third Tiberium War led to speculation that had the Mk. II remained in service, GDI would have been far more successful against the Scrin. However, its role was somewhat filled by the new and also extremely powerful Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle which was available in some important battles during and after the Third Tiberium War. Attempts to revive the walker post-war failed for lack of funding; the military budget was severely restricted as funding for Tiberium abatement, and ultimately the Tiberium Control Network (TCN), took priority. The Mammoth walker was revived once TCN construction was well underway in the form of the AW-12 Mastodon.[3]


Destroy Prototype Facility17

Recon footage of the Mammoth Mk. II operating in adverse weather

The Mammoth Mk. II was GDI's premier land weapon during the Second Tiberium War. Its armour was somewhat resistant to the Obelisk of Light's lasers and it was armed to destroy both ground and air targets.[5] In numerous occasions, a lone Mammoth Mk. II could destroy entire bases by itself in just a matter of minutes, annihilating any form of resistance.

A pair of massive experimental[3] railguns, capable of laying waste to almost all targets, were mounted on both sides. The entire vehicle needed to be turned to aim them laterally. The chin-mounted autocannon and dorsal SAM launchers were placed in independently traversing turrets.[5]

Like the Mk. I, the Mk. II had integral facilities for battlefield repairs. Like so much of the walker, the Mk. II's self-repair system was also experimental.[3] Despite its large size, even the Mammoth Mk. II was transportable by Orca Carryalls - much to the horror of Nod forces in the battlefield. Fortunately, for Nod, the Mammoth Mk. II's experimental status hinder its widespread deployment, and any GDI commander can only authorize to build one of these enormous walkers at a time (despite possibility to capture another Mammoth from opposing GDI force using Nod access to rare Mutant Hijackers).

Nod developed combat effectiveness in the same league as the Mammoth Mk. II with the cyborg commando. Both were overshadowed by CABAL's own Core Defender in sheer size and power. An EMP attack will disable it for a moment. Terrain differences can also shield units and structures from the Mammoth's railgun. Also, Banshee fire could disable a Mk. II and cause it to collapse.[6]



  • Can hit multiple targets
  • Very well-armoured
  • Able to self-repair their health back up to 50%.
  • Useful for defense
  • Can attack air units
  • Can defeat most units in one-on-one matches
  • Can be transported by Carryalls


  • Expensive ($3000)
  • Only one can be constructed at a time
  • Slower than a harvester
  • Disruptors do more damage for a smaller cost
  • Cannot gain experience
  • Cannot outrange Nod's Obelisk of Light
  • Still threatened by Obelisk lasers
  • May cause friendly fire
  • Vulnerable to artillery units
  • Can be destroyed by more agile units
  • Not immune to Tiberium veins
  • Cannot fire over natural obstructions like cliffs and hills






  • The Mammoth Mk. II was inspired by the All Terrain Armored Transports (AT-ATs) from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Due to it's popularity among fans, the Mammoth Mk. II is often included in numerous mods for Tiberium Wars, such as Tiberium Essence.
  • Despite the fact that the Mammoth Mk. II is very large in cutscenes, its ingame model is small compared to the Titan. This was possibly made to fit the scale of the war factory.
  • Due to engine limitations, the Mammoth Mk. II cannot crush smaller vehicles.
  • The Mammoth Mk. II has a machine gun and RPG launchers in cutscenes; both of which are not used in-game.


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