Mantis Tiberium Auto Rifle
Vital statistics
Type Tiberium weapon
Damage 8 + 5 splash damage
Tiberium shrapnel damage
100 velocity
Range 100
Mag. size 50
Rate of fire 5/sec
Reload time 2.7 s
MP Faction GDI

Mantis Tiberium automatic rifle is a Tiberium weapon in Renegade.


Developed by Nod in the closing stages of the First Tiberium War, the Mantis Tiberium automatic rifle is a bullpup assault weapon designed to fire concentrated Tiberium gas from a 50 "round" magazine inserted in the back, capable of firing 300 rounds per minute.

It is commonly used by Acolyte-class cyborgs.


The Tiberium Automatic Rifle or Tiberium Auto-Rifle is an anti-personnel weapon with the added benefit of tiberium poisoning.


Due to how light armor works on vehicles in multiplayer, the Tiberium Auto-Rifle is surprisingly effecting against airborne units and even things lightly-armored vehicles like the Humvee or Buggy. However, it is largely ineffective against more heavily-armored vehicles, such as APCs and especially tanks.

Sydney Mobius is armed with this gun in multiplayer mode, as is the extra Nod unit, the Acolyte.


The weapon's frame and the green capsule in the front are printed with the string TE33-31.


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