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RA3 GameiconUpr gameicon
Mass Production
RA3 Mass Production Icons
Mass Production icon



1 security point


Reduces the cost of all units by 25% for the Soviets and/or any allies.

Mass Production is the Soviet upgrade which can be accessed via Top Secret Protocol, after having Cash Bounty and Desolator Airstrike/Dual-Airstrike/Delta-Airstrike. Later patch has changed to Orbital Drop/Dump/Downpour in order to balance security rank which in-game desolator airstrike is too weak to use against players. However, uprising exp still use old rank.

This upgrade reduces the cost of all units by 25% for the Soviets and 12.5% for any allies. Higher threat levels further reduces the cost slightly. Mass Production in the Ultimate Edition for the PS3 version reduces the cost of everything the Soviets build by 25%. However, if allies play as Soviet, this protocol will stack up only 25% maximum.

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