Mexico City



Central America




Capital City


Soviet Union

Appears in

Red Alert Universe
Red Alert 1 (mentioned)

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. During the Tiberium Universe, GDI and Nod kept fighting for control until one of the factions could've won the battle for the city and country, itself.

Red Alert Universe

Mexico City was part of an immediate scandal where 200,000,000 agents around the world had overthrown Pan African, Pan Asian and other governments around the Earth. Both the United States of America and the United Nations tried to find out what's going on. Soviet agents overthrew the Mexican government and put down an immediate stronghold (Construction Yard) over there. American commandoes were sent to Mexico to raid the compound. It's confirmed that the Soviets wanted to control Mexico to be part of a glorious Red Army revolution. The Soviets took control of Mexico City throughout GWWIII before the Yucatan was taken by a US commando team, War of the Three Powers and the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising after FutureTech indeedly settled their company in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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