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Militant Rocket Squadron



Anti-structure infantry (Offensive)
Anti-air infantry (Defensive)


1 Crystals
5 Army Points (Offensive)
5 Defense Points (Defensive)


Hand of Nod

Attack range

2.5 m

GDI Engineer 2047
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25px-Disambig This article is about the Tiberium Alliances unit. For the Tiberium Wars infantry, see Militant rocket squad.
TA Militant Rocket Squad

Militants packing RPG launchers. They send buildings down quickly on the offense or puncture holes in attackin aircraft when on the defense line.

The Militant Rocket Squad is a Nod offensive and defensive unit in Tiberium Alliances that is a squad of Militants armed with rocket launchers. As an offensive unit, they are effective against structures, while as an defensive unit, they act as anti-air infantry. However, in both cases, like all infantry units, they can be easily taken out by an anti-infantry vehicle. Its range is 2.5m, making it equal to the flak.


In Tiberium Alliances, they would be able to bring down vehicles quickly, instead of structures. This was swapped by the black-hand in Alliances whom the latter would excel in clearing structures instead of vehicles.


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