During the First Tiberium War, Nod EVA used a number of different categorisations to represent the militery strength of the nations in which they had determined to intervene. The known classifications are as follows in order of diminishing strength.

However dependant upon Military Resistance Nod forces did not necceserily face the entirety of that military strength and may even have been able to utilise some it.

  1. Formidable
  2. Respectable
  3. Reasonable
  4. Laughable
  5. Insignificant

Militery Strength of African nations at the time of Nod intervention

  • South Africa: Formidable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Egypt: Formidable (GDI Republic: 1st Nod Conquest)
  • Egypt: Reasonable (GDI Democracy: 2nd Nod Conquest)
  • Zaire: Reasonable (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Sudan: Respectable (Neutral Mil. Dictatorship: Joined Nod)
  • Nigeria: Reasonable (GDI occupied Tranistional Regime: Liberated by Nod)
  • Ivory Coast: Reasonable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Cameroon: Reasonable (GDI occupied Republic: Liberated by Nod)
  • Chad: Laughable (Neutral Republic: Joined Nod)
  • Mauritania: Laughable (GDI Islamic Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Benin: Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Central Africa: Laughable (Neutral Republc: Joined Nod)
  • Gabon: Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Tanzania: Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Angola: Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Mozambique: Laughable (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Botswana: Laughable (GDI Parliamentary Republic: Conquered by Nod)
  • Namibia: Insignificant (GDI Republic: Conquered by Nod)

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