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Mine Drop
TW Mine Drop
Mine field created by an Armageddon bomber

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Air Tower



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Total of 21 mines jettisoned from the fast moving Armageddon bomber quickly cover a wide area and become nearly invisible to the naked eye. Though it is used as area denial in a pinch, the Armageddon bomber can be shot down even before the mines are deployed. Units with stealth detection capabilities like the GDI Pitbull and the Scrin Seeker can destroy the mines without damaging themselves, provided they are far from the radius of the mines.

Notes From The Field

It has been observed that the most strategic points to drop these mines is in small valleys and near tiberium fields. GDI field commanders can often lose harvesters to these mines.

When the presence of Armageddon bombers is known, it is vital that field commanders keep infantry squads and light armored vehicles from bunching up. Many times a well placed mine field right on top of a group of infantry or light vehicles can cause severe casulties.

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