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Ministry of Experimental Science



Desolator Airstrike
War Bear
Tesla Coil
Tesla Reactor
Rumoured orbital Top Secret Protocol






Soviet Union

The Ministry of Experimental Science is a Soviet formation whose products appear in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Located at Omsk, Russia, the Soviet Union's notorious Ministry of Experimental Science received an extraordinary research grant which was greater than the combined salaries of the entire Soviet intelligentsia. Their purpose was the research and development of new fear-based weapons for use against the Union's enemies. Results include the Desolator Bomb, the Stingray strike craft, the oft-rumored orbital magnetic satellite, and, of course, the Union's War Bear program.

The Ministry continued to explore the possibilities, even as the Soviet Union's defeat became imminent. With less and less bureaucracy and need to achieve consensus, the most dedicated scientists (others fled, surrendered to the Allies or suffered other fates) continued their pursuits, creating horrors known only to themselves. The only known product to reach the frontlines is the Desolator Trooper Programme, which created soldiers so vile that their very existence violates 71 different International Provisions of Appropriate Military Conduct. And those scientists soon became the first victims of their monsters, marking the end of the ministry's Omsk facility.

However, it did not cease to exist. In the wake of the nation's defeat, the ministry was reinstated and was responsible for providing the battered country with even a modicum of defensive capability. To this end (and to minimize expenses) the ministers decided to put various prototypes (including the failed ones) into active duty. One example of such an approach is the Reaper walker.


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