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Mirage Tank
  • Cannon mode
  • Gap generator mode



Advanced anti-armour tank


Spectrum-dispersion cannon


Chobham armor







Build time


Produced by

Armor Facility


Dulamp FT-70 Gap generator

Bonjour, Commander!
- Mirage Tank
RA3 Mirage Tank Icons

The Mirage tank was the Allied anti-surface stealth tank deployed during the War of the Three Powers and The Uprising.


The new version of the Mirage Tank is an advanced vehicle of the Allied Forces. This versatile tank can disguise itself as a harmless object and the onboard Dulamp FT-70 gap generator's energy bubble can be inverted to hide any Allied unit within, but at the same time leaving the Mirage Tank visible and unable to fire its weapon. Mirage tanks have spectrum-dispersion cannons that are similar to the weapons of the Red Alert 2 prism tanks (which are absent at this time due to the elimination of Einstein), but with a much shorter range. It is based on L.A.S.E.R technology, very similar to prism technology of the previous war. It is said to be based on a French tank chassis and weapon system, but was then further developed by the FutureTech company (also responsible for the Cryocopter).

It does not have a turret and must rotate its whole chassis to target an enemy unit. The Mirage tank's firepower actually surpasses that of the Apocalypse tank and the King Oni, although it's still no-match for either of them in a one-on-one fight because of its weak armor.

The new Mirage tank features new reactive camo-scanners, which actively scan the Mirage tank's background and then disguise the tank as a suitable object (i.e. no more trees on roads) such as a lamp post, a milk truck or a tree, depending on its surroundings. As in the original Mirage tank, stealth is its main defense. Its light armor is not suited to withstanding engagements with heavier tanks, although it was seen surviving the Apocalypse Tank cannons.

Its appearance is more similar to the Prism tank from the Post-war Crisis than the first design from the Third World War.


RA3 Personal Gap Generator Icons
Strike Mode Reverts back to combat-and-ambush configuration. Gains unassuming camouflage when idle.
RA3 Gap Field Icons
Gap Generator Projects a camo field that cloaks friendly units. Cannot self-disguise or fire in this mode.


The Mirage tank is the most advanced land vehicle available to the Allies. It has significant firepower and is effective against all surface targets. This, combined with its ability to camouflage itself while stationary, or not using its secondary ability, makes it perfect for ambushing enemy forces. It does, however, have very weak armour and the spectrum cannon has a relatively short range. In order to construct Mirage tanks, an Armor Facility with access to Maximum Clearance is required.

The Mirage tank's secondary ability allows it to project a stealth field in a limited radius around itself, cloaking any allied units within that radius. The Mirage tank itself is fully visible and unable to use its weapon, making it highly vulnerable. It is however unable to cloak each other using its secondary ability.

Both the disguise and the cloaking field can be neutralized by attack dogs, war bears, and burst drones.

Note that critically damaged Mirage tanks loses the ability to cloak themselves when idle.



  • Highly destructive
  • Fastest and cheapest tier 3 ground unit 
  • Can hide units under its cloaking field
  • Can disguise itself by blending in with terrain objects
  • Spectrum beam disperses and damages multiple targets at once
  • Instantly kills infantry


  • Short range
  • Much lighter armor compared to other Tier 3 Vehicles.
  • Expensive
  • Vulnerable to air attacks 
  • Enemy scouts can easily detect disguised Mirage tanks
  • Vulnerable to advanced base defenses
  • Spectrum beam is still not powerful enough to destroy some tier-3 vehicles like Apocalypse Tanks in one shot
  • Can be crushed by heavy vehicles
  • Doesn't rotate its weapon turret.
  • When in critical damage the mirage camouflage will fall which makes visable to enemy

Notes from the field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Mirage Tank:

The spectrum cannon -- This extremely powerful weapon uses a tightly-focused packet of high-energy photons to cut through any known substance, while a fraction of the energy naturally reflects onto nearby targets, damaging them in turn. The short range of the weapon is its only real limitation.

Camouflage on the prowl -- When not in motion, Mirage Tanks automatically assume the form of mundane objects in the environment, which can lead enemy forces into making dangerous mistakes. While camouflaged, Mirage Tank commanders are under order to remain still unless given specific orders to attack or general clearance to attack enemies on sight.

Mind the gap generator -- A single Mirage Tank can conceal a large number of Allied units nearby using the gap generator, which is extremely useful for transporting high-value forces while keeping the enemy guessing. For example, Athena Cannons and Multigunner IFVs are often known to work in concert with gap-generating Mirage Tanks.

Some restrictions apply -- As much as the Mirage Tank can be considered a saving grace of an Allied military faced with the near-impossible task of defending against Soviet heavy armor, it does have a few specific limitations, including a fairly high cost and a vulnerability to enemy aircraft. Fortunately, Mirage Tanks are well-equipped to support other Allied forces that can offset these shortcomings.


Upon exiting an Armor Facility

  • You call for the mirage?


  • Mirage Tank!
  • We are wait your direction!
  • Camouflage, standing by!
  • Bonjour, Commander!
  • What should it be?"
  • Mirage tank, operational!
  • Mirage field, standing by!

Select when use camouflage

  • Do they suspect we're here?
  • Is it time?
  • Wait for the right moment!
  • Keep still!
  • Shhh!
  • Blending in!
  • Nothing here but trees!


  • Place to place!
  • On the prowl!
  • To the next mirage!
  • Proceed!
  • Into the background!
  • Understood!
  • Prepare to blend!

Moving when use gap generator

  • Maintain cloaking field!
  • Careful now!
  • We're out in the open!
  • Take it steady!
  • They may see us now!


  • Ambush them!
  • Commence attack!
  • Now, now!
  • Fire at will!
  • Now is the time!
  • AHA!
  • C'était fatal!
  • Attack!

Move to Attack

  • Don't let them see us coming!
  • Approaching the target!
  • Track them down!
  • It's time to play our hand!
  • Now's our chance!

In combat

  • Firing Spectrum Cannon!
  • End it quickly!
  • Au Revoir!
  • Again, AGAIN!
  • Don't let them leave!

Under attack

  • How bad are we hit?
  • They found us!
  • We're taking damage!




  • When there is nothing around to mimic, the Mirage tank will turn invisible, and on rare occasions, the Mirage Tank will copy a unit.
  • When under the effects of Iron Curtain, the Mirage tank retains the Iron Curtain visual effects even when disguised, making them easy to spot.
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