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Come and get it!
- MiG

A missile is a self-propelled, explosive projectile used as a weapon. All factions have used them, in various ways. Since the Great World War II, missile systems utilize guidance packages to increase accuracy; though the sophistication of a guidance package has varied with the type and range of missile. There are several ways to classify missile types. Two well known is the size of the missile and medium they fired from. On Red Alert 3, most missile employed by factions comes in multi launching mode, launching multiple missile with limited guidance to target to ensure a hit.

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Ballistic Missiles

In RA1 and RA2 these type missiles were used frequently. Soviet Missile Silo from all timelines employ ICBM missiles. Ballistic missile also used as Soviet choise of artilery, forming V series missile launcher vehicle. Soviet Dreadnought in all incarnation is bristling with ballistic missile for long range bombardment. Yuri's Boomer submarine is also armed with SLBM, submarine launched variant.

Non-Ballistic Naval Missiles

Naval vehicle provide a large and stable base for missile launcher. As the result, shipborne missile is known to have added quality such as long range cruise and dual targeting missile. Allied Destroyer and Soviet Missile submarine from RA1 is well know for employing these type of missile. The Allied still employ anti air only Aegis cruiser in RA2. Sea Wings and Giga fortresses in RA3 were armed with AA Rockets with limited homing warhead.

Aircraft Launched Missiles

MiGs of all generations were armed with various missiles along with Twinblades and Chopper VX. Allied unit known to shot missiles are Apache, Harrier, and Black Eagle jets.

Vehicle Launched Missiles

IFV from RA2 and Multigunner IFVs from RA3 were armed with versatile missiles. Early Apocalypse Tanks of GWWIII were also armed with the missiles, as also its predecessor. Reaper from RA3 also bristling with missile (and grenade) rack. Started from RA2, IFV and Battlefortress can be garrisoned with missile armed infantry. Their firing port enable missile infantry to shoot their missile from within, even while moving.

Infantry Scaled Missiles

Don't you worry, I got plenty of more!
- Javelin Soldier, ready to unleash a barrage

Javelin Soldiers were armed with this weapon, as well as their predecessor and heavy variants. It is unique fact that rocket used by infantry can target both land and air adversary.

Base Defense Missiles

RA1 SAM Sites were equipped with anti aircraft (only) missiles.

RA2 Patriots were armed with powerful (also anti air only) missiles.

RA3 Multigunner Turrets were armed with Missiles in Default. Defender VX turret can change its weapon default from anti infantry machine gun and anti air (again, only) missile battery. They need manual command to change their weapon.

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