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Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Gen GameiconZH Gameicon
Missile Defender
  • Let's blow some nuts!
  • Firing





Anti-tank missile launcher





Hit points


Armor type
  • Human Armor
  • Chem Suit Human Armor with Chemical Suits


Build time


Produced by

USA Barracks

Hot key


Ground attack

40 (Infantry Missile or Armor Piercing with Laser Beam)

  • 1000
  • 500 (Laser Beam)

20 (10 if badly wounded)

Attack range
  • 175
  • 300 (Laser Beam)
Sight range


ZH Chemical Suits Icons
Chemical Suits
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons
Advanced Training
Gen1 Laser Lock Icons
Laser Guided Missiles
  • Strong vs tanks
  • Weak vs infantry
Gen1 Missile Defender Icons
Fire up!
TagazielAdded by Tagaziel
Lets pop some tanks!
- Missile Defender

Missile Defenders were the somewhat euphemistically titled anti-vehicle infantry of the USA.


Got my missile launcher right here!
- Missile Defender reporting for duty

Missile Defenders had a single principle advantage over their counterparts in other factions; their technologically advanced missile launcher. Missile Defenders could activate a laser sight, greatly increasing their rate of fire. When garrisoned in civilian buildings and Fire Bases, Missile Defenders could provide a solid defence against enemy attacks by land or air. When loaded into Humvee, Missile Defenders could be used effectively on the offensive (this tactic was often used by US generals early in a conflict).


Laser guidance ready!
- Missile Defender preparing Laser Missile Attack
Gen1 Laser Lock Icons
Laser Missile Attack When a Missile defender is on the ground he will attempt to use laser designation for increased firing rate. Word of caution though that the defender will not fire for about 3 seconds while he is training the target, this would make them extremely vulnerable to enemy attack, be it from weapons or being run over. Once the defender destroys the target or he moves, the Lock-on is broken.


Want to see a fireball?
- Missile Defender on attack
ZH Chemical Suits Icons
Chemical Suits Missile defender moving through toxin and radiation contaminated terrain via Anthrax or radiation will take damage much, much slower. Purchasable at any Strategy Center in Zero Hour for $1000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons
Advanced Training Allowed Missile defender, along with all other USA units gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500

Game unitEdit

The Missile Defender is the staple anti armor infantry unit for all USA Generals and is available for the same training time and price of the GLAs RPG and the Chinese Rocket Trooper. Thier laser rangefinder ability makes them a very dangerous threat to armor columns because of the high rate of fire and accuracy. Even a lone Elite Missile Defender can single handedly knock out two GLA Scorpion tanks or a lone Overlord with relative ease before it's destroyed or run over.

In large numbers the Missile Defender is an extremely dangerous tool against any armour column or entrenched enemy. Thier laser ability renders them practically invulnerable against large armour columns, and properly used against most base defenses they can do some serious damage in a very very short time. To base structures they're very dangerous. Although the Laser ability cant be used on buildings, thier numbers alone are sufficient to reduce a small base to cinders within a few short seconds.

They are very dangerous against aircraft as well. Game physics allow thier missiles to continue to track and engage a fleeing target long after they've fired. In some cases, the aircraft will survive the initial strike, but be shot down shortly after it reaches its airfield, often doing minor damage to the airfield itself. Up against garrisoned forces of missile defenders, an aircraft user should take extreme care using mass numbers of aircraft, as the splash damage from a few hits can shoot down multiple jets in one go.


While in garrisons or in Humvees, the former provided protection and a range boost while the latter worked as a raider against armored columns. Laser guided missiles are recommended in bringing down aircraft. The increased fire rate is invaluable in dealing with heavy armor such as Overlord Tanks. The laser guided missiles ability also slightly increased the Missile Defender's attack range, which can be used to take out deadly anti-infantry vehicles such as Quad Cannons from afar before they have a chance to fire. In large numbers, Missile Defenders can clear a base out in a short amount of time.

An interesting tactic to use is a rather expensive and difficult one to pull off, but can reduce even a large base to ash in a very short time. Banking on the Defenders abilities against structures and the Chinooks ability to fly and drop cargo. fill  chinooks with 8 defenders, and two more with Rangers, then fly them straight into an enemy base or through to the rear entrance of a base. Drop them all at once then force the chinooks to bug out. Select the infantry and instantly you have a huge very powerful army. Rangers to kill infantry, defenders to pummel thier armour and buildings.


Although Missile Defenders excelled in anti-tank and anti-air warfare, anti-personnel infantry would prove to outmatch them, with the latter easily gunning down even massed Missile Defenders without too much trouble.

Selected QuotesEdit

Got my missile launcher right here!
- When emerging from Barracks
I'll fire at anything
- When selected
- When selected
Lets pop some tanks!
- When selected
I want to blow something up
- When selected
Let me launch one, huh?
- When selected
Let's blow some nuts!
- When selected
- When moving
Heading over
- When moving
You bet
- When moving
On the trail
- When moving
Here comes trouble
- When moving
Sure thing
- When moving
Precise and powerful
- When ordered to attack
I'll get a bead on him
- When ordered to attack
Drawing a bullseye on him
- When ordered to attack
My personal shooting range
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
This will be a hit
- When ordered to attack
Letting her go
- When ordered to attack
Just like the fourth of July
- When ordered to attack
This will be fun
- When ordered to attack
Want to see a fireball?
- When ordered to attack
This will leave a mark
- When ordered to attack
I'm hit!
- Under fire
We need support
- Under fire
Let's go in that building
- When ordered to garrison building
We can fire through the window
- When ordered to garrison building
Take cover in there
- When ordered to garrison building
This will be a nice view!
- When ordered to garrison building
Enabling laser sights
- When ordered to use Laser Missile Attack
Laser guidance ready!
- When ordered to use Laser Missile Attack
Laser systems online
- When ordered to use Laser Missile Attack
I give up
- When surrender
Here, take my toys
- When surrender
Okay, you got me
- When surrender



Which one is larger, huh?
- Missile Defender
  • General Townes originally has his own Missile Defender dubbed the "Laser Defender". The voiceset can still be accessed through Zero Hour's sound archives.
  • When a Missile Defender uses the Laser Locking ability, the rockets are treated and look like tank shells.
  • Missile Defender uniforms differ in Generals and Zero Hour; in Generals, they wear the solid blue uniforms of the Rangers, but in Zero Hour, they seem to be wearing the M81 Camouflage uniform.
  • The Missile Defender's cameo depicts him equipped with a FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher, which is odd as the Stinger is designed primarily for anti-air warfare, not for use against armor. In-game however, the launcher wielded by Missile Defenders resemble the Mk153 SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) rocket launcher.

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