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During the Great World War II, the Soviets commissioned the Dark Horseman project to create nuclear weapons. To house these weapons, they made missile silos. In an attempt to hide these silos from prying eyes, the Soviets painted all silos a dark green to blend into the grass and foliage. Following the war, all silos were decommissioned.

The missile silo was not forgotten. Since Nod used Nuclear weaponry, it needed a place to house "the goods". Nod then designed its Temple of Nod to have a missile silo be part of the structure. On this era the missile were armed with nuclear warhead.

During the Second Tiberium War. It was a structure that was mostly underground with only the bay doors above the surface. The facility constructed and launched Multi-missiles and, if a Tiberium Waste Facility had collected enough Tiberium veins, a chemical missile (with maximum of two chemical missile allotment)

By the time of the Third Tiberium War, a missile silo was reintegrated into the Temple of Nod. Nod also reintroduce Nuclear warhead, again.

On the Fourth Tiberium War Nod Defense Crawler can construct Temple of Nod for launching Ballistic missile. The missile is upgraded over time with added warhead, packing Tiberium toxin concotion and Tiberium based blast warhead with damages equal to tactical nuclear warhead.

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