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Mobile Headquarters



Mobile Command Center



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Multiplayer only (Capture the Flag mode)


Built on a halftrack chassis, the mobile headquarters was a vehicle designed specifically to provide battle control for military commanders as a moving Command Center, used during the First Tiberium War. Equipped with high tech communications equipment, it allowed commanders to lead their troops effectively. Their appearance was identical to the radar jammer and the prototype Tesla tank in Red Alert 1.


The unit appears in multiplayer Command & Conquer 1 when Capture the Flag mode is enabled, but bases are disabled.

Normal CTF games spawn the players' MCVs with a flag attached, which is placed next to the Construction Yard on a flag pedestal when the MCV is deployed. When a player manages to steal the flag from its pedestal and bring it to their own flag pedestal, the 'resign' function triggers for the player whose flag was captured, causing all their units and structures to explode.

The Mobile HQ compensates for the lack of fixed base positions to steal/capture flags in no-base games; its destruction acts as instant kill switch. Story-wide, this kills the commander inside. In-game, the destruction of a Mobile HQ triggers the 'resign' function for the player owning the MHQ, again causing their immediate destruction.


  • Mobile headquarters are sometimes used in the inner workings of fan-missions to cause specific units or structures to explode, because C&C1 lacks advanced trigger systems to cause such things. Often, these things are owned by nonstandard Houses (Special, Neutral, Multi1-Multi6) to appear as GDI or Nod materiel.

CNC1 GDI Emblem Global Defense Initiative First Tiberium War Arsenal CNC1 GDI Emblem
CNC1 Nod Emblem Brotherhood of Nod First Tiberium War Arsenal CNC1 Nod Emblem

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