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Mobile stealth generator (upgrade)
CNC4 Mobile Stealth Generator Cameo

Nod Support Class


Crawler upgrade




1 UP


Rank 11


Crawler becomes stealthed when mobile

Mobile stealth generator (upgrade) is an upgrade that gives either the Nod Offense Crawler, or the Nod Support Crawler a stealth generator, hiding it from prying eyes when on the move.

When applied to the Nod Support Crawler, and paired with Teir 3's mobile repairs and a Hold Fire stance, your crawler can passively repair your units on the front lines without fear of retaliation, unless the enemy brings in a Stealth Detection unit. This tactic works especially well with 2 Leviathans and their passive ability. When under heavy fire, building a pair of Scalpels or a Medusa and then packing your crawler can also save it from destruction.

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