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FS Gameicon
FS Gameicon
Mobile War Factory
  • Undeployed
  • Deployed



Mobile war factory



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Produced by

War factory


Upgrade center


3 (mobile only)

Sight range
  • 6 (mobile)
  • 4 (deployed)
  • Only one can built once at a time
  • Cannot repaired manually when deployed
FS Mobile War Factory Icons

The Mobile War Factory was a special unit introduced after the Second Tiberium War to enable GDI commanders to produce units wherever they needed them, close to the battle if needed.


The unit was about as heavy as a Mobile Construction Vehicle so it could only move very slow around the battlefield. Also it needed to be escorted as it was not armed. However, it did have heavy armor which could withstand light arms attack. GDI used Orca Carryalls to transport these units about the battlefield, ensuring a steady supply of replacement units as and where they needed to enable GDI to more effectively project firepower when needed on short notice.

When deployed, it was a fully functional war factory capable of producing all units in the GDI arsenal, except those that required additional support structures, such as a Tech center.

Mobile War Factories were defenseless on their own, however, their units could station around the War Factory to provide all-round defense. The longer they were allowed to operate, the more units were produced, and the more difficult it would be to destroy the Mobile War Factory. Furthermore, Mobile War Factories deployed to support base War Factories added a further challenge to enemy forces as it added more units to the frontline.


Following the Firestorm Crisis, these units were decommissioned.

Game Unit

The MWF cannot be repaired like a conventional building even when deployed. It requires a service depot or a Mobile repair vehicle to perform repairs, the latter of which can repair it when deployed. When deployed it may be captured by an engineer. Build options are identical to the regular war factory and respects the tech tree.

Multiplayer Tactics

These were actually used on big maps as it reduced the time it took units to move across the map. Sadly it was only used on big maps, which were never popular on TS.



  • Heavy armour.
  • MCV version of War factory
  • Can deployed and undeployed when need.


  • Cannot be repaired like a conventional building even when deployed.
  • Can be captured by an engineer when deployed.
  • Very slow movement
  • Unarmed, has no offensive weapon
  • Prior target to aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicles units
  • Expensive, at $1800
  • Requires a Upgrade center.
  • Not immune to Tiberium veins.


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