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Mount Rushmore control center
  • The Second Control Center
  • The Third One

Ackerman's Allies


Control Lasers


Control Laser Heads

Hit points


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At the Operation:A Monument to Madness, Ackerman deployed his covert laser defense system bases on Mount Rushmore. Each of the President's heads were armed with deadly lasers that decimated all the ground forces that tried to attack. Eva then informed the Commander that the lasers were powered by three separate power stations. The Commander sent Century Bombers to paradrop engineers to capture the power stations, neutralizing the laser systems and allowing Warren to send in ground forces. There is a main building that act as a main command center for the Rushmore weapon of mass destruction. The building is placed within the Rushmore military base which is loyal to POTUS. This is Ackerman's final destination as it require the presence of US highest military command (namely the president of the United States) to become active. The destruction of the station will disable the entire Mount Rushmore superweapon network (One of it presumed to be the early form of Proton Collider), thus complete the mission.


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