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Mutant Hovel



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Mutant Marauder

CNCTW Mutant Hovel Cameo

The Mutant Hovel is a G-330X habitat module that was built by GDI to shelter the Forgotten and has since been modified by the mutants to suit their needs. They enable commanders to recruit Mutant Marauders for their army.


These modules were deployed by GDI in Yellow Zones and borderline Red Zones as a token of good faith to the self-exiled mutants and possibly as a bribe to cut back on the raids and ambushes that some of the mutants perpetrate upon their installations and operations. Currently, these modules serve as living quarters, command centers and barracks of local mutant populations. With excellent life support and durability against environmental hazards, they are the hubs of mutant activity, even within mutant cities.


Mutant Hovels are tech structures located symmetrically on the chosen battlefield. The structure is neutral until the utility infantry unit of the player's chosen faction enters it. Upon capture, the player gains the ability to recruit Mutant Marauders for his or her war effort; the building has no additional function. However, it has weak armor compared to other structures and is easy to destroy. Additionally, although the AI captures Mutant hovels, they never train Mutant Marauders.

Tech Structures & Neutral Forces

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