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Empire of the Rising Sun


Base Construction/Expansion



Produced by

Imperial Construction yard

Moving to unpack location.
- Nanocore preparing to deploy.
RA3 Nanocore Icons

Nanocores are amphibious vehicles built by the Empire of the Rising Sun which, when deployed, transform into a building. The type of the building depends of the Nanocore used. A commander can place the building wherever he/she wants, but the deploying process takes time.


RA3 Unfurl Icons
Unfurl The Nanocore has but one purpose. To build. It will sacrifice itself by unpacking on a given location, on which a build site will appear.


Nanocore Lost
- AI Warning of a of a lost Nanocore

Imperial Nanocores can be quickly built from the Construction yard. Nanocores allowed the Empire to build up their bases much faster than the Allies and, under certain circumstances, the Soviet Union, provided the commander has enough credits to build them. At the start of a skirmish, for instances, an Imperial commander may decide to build many Instant Dojos, then quickly amass an infantry force to rush his or her opponent, this tactic is known as 'Dojo Rush'. A group of Defender VX Nanocores could be built within a very short time and deployed en masse.

DojoCore RA3PremiereEditionBonusDisk Cncpt1

Nanocores have hologram projectors that indicate what it unpacks into
e.g.: Instant Dojo

They also allow the Empire to expand anywhere on the battlefield without the constraints of a base perimeter unlike the Allies and Soviets. This is especially useful when defending far-away Tech Buildings, guarding choke points, claiming Ore Nodes, or in an offensive where an Imperial commander could build all the Nanocores necessary to build a forward base then deploy them all at once right next to an enemy's base.

There are disadvantages. Imperial commanders will often need to micromanage his/her Nanocores. Commanders must carefully consider their building placement options, as poorly-placed buildings could be difficult to defend. Additionally, once deployed, the structure cannot be packed back up into a Nanocore. In addition, structures constructed by nanocores support a very limited control grid, though it should not be a worry to Imperial Commanders. While a Soviet Commander could easily remedy that by expanding the grid of a captured imperial structure by constructing Soviet structures on available grids; Allied Commanders were forced to rely on Command Hubs for further base reinforcement and structure building.

While they are quick to produce, the actual deployment of the Nanocore in the desired location takes time. They risk being attacked in this weak state while being transported and deployed, and it is advised that Imperial commanders should bring escort when deploying Nanocores in areas at risk to enemy assault. Nanocores themselves possess very little armor, and is easily the most fragile unit in the Empire's arsenal. A group of Tsunami Tanks and Mecha Tengus are ideal Nanocore escorts due to their amphibious and versatile nature.

Because of their enormous size, the Giga Fortress has to be deployed from a nanocore.

Selected Quotes


  • Dojo core, ready!
  • Generator core, ready!
  • Mecha bay core, ready!
  • Dock core, ready!
  • Refinery core, ready!
  • Defender core, ready!
  • Tower core, ready!
  • Nanoswarm core, ready!
  • Decimator core, ready!
  • Mainframe core, ready!
  • Giga Fortress core, ready!


  • Dojo core!
  • Generator core!
  • Mecha bay core!
  • Dock core!
  • Refinery core!
  • Defender core!
  • Tower core!
  • Nanoswarm core!
  • Decimator core!
  • Mainframe core!
  • Giga Fortress!


  • Nanocore moving!
  • Moving!
  • Transporting!
  • Updating!
  • Revision set!

Moving to Deploy

  • Unpack location set!
  • Set for core unpack!
  • Moving to unpack location!

Low on health

  • Nanocore critical damage!
  • Critical damage!
  • Nanocore damage critical!


RedAlert3RisingSun avatar Imperial Red Alert 3 Arsenal RedAlert3RisingSun avatar

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