Unlike the Red Alert series, Generals and its expansion pack only feature a limited aspect of naval warfare.

The USA is the only known faction within the Generals universe to have utilised a naval assets to attack enemy positions. The Global Liberation Army also deployed a small fleet of patrol boats but was an otherwise insignificant force.

It is unclear as to whether the People's Republic of China had deployed a similarly sized navy during the conflict. In some mods, China also have Navy, such as Type 052C Destroyer (Luyang III Class Destroyer), Nuclear Sub (Maybe Type 092 Xia Class or Type 094 Jin Class), or Liaoning Aircraft Carrier with Shenyang J-15s.


The United States Navy were shown to have deployed several kinds of vessels:


In Generals and Zero Hour, the US Navy only appear in three missions:

  • Stormbringer - Battleships provided USA amphibious landing forces with shell fire by clearing the resistance on the beach near the first training camp.
  • Defending The Docks - Battleships and Raptors launched via an Aircraft Carrier bombarded the harbor to clear GLA forces for the Supply Trucks to be loaded into the harbor. The Battleships and Aircraft Carrier continually provided fire support for the rest of the mission.
  • On The Waterfront  - Battleships were pulled to port and can be destroyed via Particle Cannon. The Aircraft Carrier USS Reagan was eventually destroyed by a particle beam.

Global Liberation Army

Lacking the capital or industry neccessary to maintain a true naval force, the virtually non-existant GLA Navy relied on small vessels at sea:


The PT Boat has appearances in both games:

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