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Tiberian Twilight motion comic

New York Public Library Main Branch is a major location in New York City appearing in the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.


The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of The New York Public Library, more widely known as the library system's "Main Branch" or simply as The New York Public Library, is the flagship building in the system and a prominent historic landmark in Midtown Manhattan. It is located on Fifth Avenue at its intersection with 42nd Street.

Sometime after 2062, as the city was overrun by Tiberium, GDI has fortified the building and installed a databank inside, holding some of their most important information.

Storyline development

Christian Pierce infiltrates the building during his deployment in New York. He is temporarily stalled by GDI forces entrenched at the entrance, but manages to fight his way in and enter the high security area and retrieve the data he was sent for. However, he is stopped and killed by Kane.



New York Public Library Main Branch appears in the Tiberian Twilight motion comic.

Tiberian Twilight motion comic
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