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Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Command & Conquer


Level The Bio-Research Lab

Niš was a city in SR Yugoslavia where GDI forces have reported that Kane was hiding in a research lab.

First Tiberium War

The end of the First Tiberium War was approaching. After the evacuation of Ignatio Mobius and his colleague from both Sofia and Shkoder, Delphi who was rescued from Nod forces in Corinth had sent intelligence files to Mark Jamison Sheppard and tasked James Solomon to destroy a research lab containing the staff of Kane's military inside the building. There were also surfaced reports that Kane is there on a visit to get more technologies acquired to defeat the GDI forces, but Solomon and Morelli officially attacked the Nod forces and the laboratory to rubble as the enemy retreated when their war was known to be lost out of hand. With the lab staff dead, Kane was not at the laboratory as Delphi said, but it soon became clear that Nod was retreating to Belgrade and Kane was located at the newly-built Temple of Nod at Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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