No Place To Hide
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1 vs. 1


Number One Threat To America


Creeping Death

Side Unlocked


No Place To Hide is a mission in the Commander's Challenge. It's the eighteenth mission after the Number One Threat To America situation against Oleg Vodnik and before chasing down Kenji's Striker VXs. After saying that the Commander wasn't seen from before since the challenge, Out of the Blue, Giles Price attempts to sabotage the FutureTech base on the other side of the battlefield. For the Futuretech Commander, the player has to go around the battlefield bypassing civilian structures or he can use the beach to reach Giles' base.

His tiredness did succeed after all as the opponent's Spies were dead and the base was destroyed. When Giles is defeated, he says that it can get very embarrassing for him to expose the Spies by the Commander, killing them all in every minute of the clock.


Futuretech Commander is ordered to unlock the Spy from the Allies in Great Britain. The Commander was chosen to steal the unit despite his enemy, Giles Price telling him his Spies are still out in the open. The Commander crossed the beach and destroyed Giles' base where the Spies came from.

When he's defeated, Giles said that his defeat was a bit embarrassing and said to the Futuretech Commander that this victory is not the last to see the former RAF pilot which he will have a rivalry with a Soviet air force Commander when he meets her in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics when he comes back for another showdown with the two pilot enemies.

Briefing Information

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