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CNCR Nod Officer Corps

The insignia of the officer corps.

In order to facilitate communications and terminate hostilities against the Brotherhood, Nod maintained a well trained officer corps of the most able and well trained members of the organization. They rarely took part in regular combat and usually served in command centers.

During the First Tiberium War, they wore black trousers and sweaters along with black (or red) berets denoting their rank and used Beretta 92 sidearms for self defence. A separate corps were the minigunner non-commissioned officers who wore battle dresses alongside the sweaters with pauldrons denoting their rank, gas masks and led infantry units in combat, with the authority to call in for reinforcements.

Second Tiberium War officers were exclusively command staff, with non-commissioned officers still leading the infantry corps (usually sergeants). Officers wore black battle dress uniforms with Brotherhood insignia on them, while the NCOs wore regular Nod combat armour

In 2047, the Third Tiberium War, officer's duties in Militia squads were officially transferred to Black Hand Confessors. Confessors served not only to provide leadership, but also maintain the faith of the Milita units, even by force. These Confessors were armed with a high powered rifle and hallucinogenic grenades.

CNC1 Nod Emblem Brotherhood of Nod Renegade Arsenal CNC1 Nod Emblem

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