Nuclear tanks
Gen1 Nuclear Tanks Icons
Nuclear tanks for faster eradication of the people's enemies!




Build time


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Nuclear Missile Silo

Hot key



Overlord Tank and Battlemaster movement speed increased by 25%.

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Gen GameiconZH Gameicon

Nuclear Tank upgrades were available to PLA Commanders at the Nuclear Missile Silo.


Chinese nuclear scientists have developed a type of atomic reactor that is small, efficient and relatively safe. Military engineers have since used them to upgrade Battlemaster and Overlord Tanks. The more efficient nuclear engines give these tanks a 25% increase in speed. Take note that, should these tanks be destroyed in battle, the engine tended to explode violently and left behind trace amounts of radiation. This obviously posed a problem for enemy and friendly troops alike, but could be remedied with the Isotope Stability upgrade.

Note: Tsing Shi Tao's tanks come with this upgrade pre-installed. Shin Fai cannot gain this on his own, but can capture another general's Silo to research it.


Fusion reactors will make us faster!
- Unused sound for the Fusion Reactors upgrade

Tao was supposed to be able to upgrade his tanks even further with the removed fusion reactor upgrade. This upgrade is usable in some mods, such as Shockwave.

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