Offshore Killing
Unit Unlocked

Akula Submarine


3 vs 1




Chrono You Didn't

Side Unlocked

Robots and Ninjas

Offshore Killing is the eighth mission in the Commander's Challenge mode. Vera Belova returns to see the Futuretech Commander, saying that he defeated her during the Scavenger operation and she wants him to be defeated immediately. The Commander responses with a "never surrender" (like Premier Romanov did in Operation: Chrono Storm) campaign against his will and that made Belova going mad by sending Akulas to destroy his forces only at sea. Kelly Weaver asks him to destroy all Soviet submarines in the area with anything he has at sea. When Belova is defenceless, her madness will temperately die down and is defeated, again.


The Futuretech Commander was sent by Kelly Weaver to Saudi Arabia where a lot of Oil derricks are needed to be captured in order to secure more funding for FutureTech's forty-two other challenges in the Commander's Challenge. Only three Commanders from each of the world powers decide to have their own, as well. Kenji is westwards, Douglas Hill eastwards and Vera to the north. The Commander uses his engineering units to capture the Oil derricks before destroying every one of those bases who opposed him. The Akula Submarine which Vera had, is taken to FutureTech for some vital research into firing at enemy units themselves with lethal torpedoes in the water.

Briefing Information

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