Yuriko clone

Yuriko Omega - the end result of the Omega Program.

The Omega Program was an Empire of the Rising Sun psionics research and development program founded prior to the Third World War, dedicated to just that: unethical military application of latent psionic powers. Developed by Shiro Psychic Research, the program was based in the Shiro Sanitarium and led by Doctor Shinji Shimada, a prominent researcher in the field, responsible for his controversial yet groundbreaking thesis of latent psionics and the next step in human evolution.

The Omega Program eventually borne its destructive fruit in the form of psionic-based weapons, namely the Psionic Decimator, used by the Imperial military during the war, much to the horror of those encountering them during the War of the Three Powers. Shiro Sanitarium was later destroyed after the war by one of the program's scions, Yuriko Omega, costing many inside the facility their lives - including Shimada and Yuriko's sister, Izumi.


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