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Tactical Bomber



Build time
  • 5:00 (TW)
  • 1:30 (KW)



Orders several Orca Strike Craft to bombard a location on the battlefield.

Copy, bombers on their way.
- Pilot of an Orca Strike Craft, executing a bombing run.
TW Orca Strike Craft Cameo
CNCTW Orca Strike Cameo

The Orca Strike Craft is a tactical bomber appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Orca has oversized supercharged engines on articulated mounts and a modified pilot cockpit. They cannot be constructed on the battlefield directly and are called in to perform a tactical strike. The Orca is very fast and has surprisingly high armour, compared to the Orca Mk. III.

It has 2 rocket pods mounted on both sides just under the cockpit which do moderate damage against buildings and light damage against vehicles. It will also kill infantry with 1 hit. ZOCOM uses a modified version of this aircraft, which use sonic grenades instead of rockets.


If an airfield is built, a commander can request an Orca Strike for $500. Three Orca Strike Craft fly in from outside the combat zone, bomb the selected area, and then fly off again. The Orca Strike is only capable of damaging stationary targets, and a beacon, deployed in the area to guide the pilots, can reveal to the enemy the bombing target.

In skirmish mode, GDI AIs use this strike on opposing teams' Power Plants. Although this will not destroy one outright, it will cause significant damage.

Behind the scenes

  • An Orca Strike Craft was seen along with a group of A-15 Orcas defending the outskirts of Sydney during the initial Scrin invasion.

See also

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