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Ore Node
Ore node



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Ore nodes are the primary source of funds during the War of the Three Powers. These neutral mines contain unrefined ore, which must be collected by an Ore Collector and processed by an ore refinery in order to generate funds. The crane which mine and collect the ore can only be remotely activated by an ore collector.

They are commonly found on the battlefield, on land as well as in the sea. All collectors are therefore amphibious.

The total amount of ore in a particular Ore Node is limited and can become "depleted", Ore Nodes can been seen visibly becoming emptier after prolonged minding. A collector can transfer 250 credits form an Ore Node each time, once depleted, Ore Node can still provide ore, but only 25 credits each time.

Ore Nodes may inspired by Supply Docks in Generals, both are unable be destroyed by any means, however Ore Nodes virtually provide infinite flow of resources while Supply Docks are depletable.

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