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Ore Purifier



Mining enhancer


Metal Alloy

Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Allied Construction Yard


Allied Ore Refinery
Allied Battle Lab

Sight range





Increases income from all sources by 25%

  • One per player
  • May not be captured
Why don't we build an Ore Purifier to get more than what we get?
- Lt. Eva at the Battle of Black Forest
RA2 Ore Purifier Icons

The Ore Purifier is an Allied financial structure that improves the amount of ore that came into a Commander's base.


A Chrono Miner would drop off Ore to the Ore refinery, which would be further refined, or "purified", when there was an Ore Purifier present within the base. A Chrono Miner can only carry so much ore, and ordinarily, some of it is lost in the refinement process. Although this isn't much, the Ore Purifier can further refine the ore, and extract more than if it is simply put through the refining process at the Ore Refinery. This gives more profit to the Allied commanders to build up their armies and defeat the opposing force.

Thus, they are priority targets for reverse engineering. When given the construction capability, Soviet or Yuri commanders would use this to bolster their mining abilities, and as War Miners could carry 1000 ore credits worth of plain ore or 2000 credits worth of gems, they received twice the benefit compared to Chrono Miners. Additionally, they affected all other forms of income, be it from crates, oil derrick stores, oil derrick mining, grinding etc. Yuri commanders, in particular, could abuse a combination of Ore Purifiers along with Grinders, the Genetic Mutator and Slaves to generate generous amounts of cash.

It was not seen in the War of the Three Powers. An ability named Free Trade Upgrade that makes Prospectors get more cash, effectively replaced it.

Game Building

The purifier increases the credits gained from all income sources by 25%. This includes ore mining, tech buildings, grinding, etc. Only one Ore Purifier may be built at a time. The player can have only one Ore purifier at once, meaning he can't even capture a hostile Ore purifier via an Engineer. As opposed to the refineries, Ore purifiers are resistant to spies, and cannot be robbed for funds.


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