Capital City


Soviet Union (in occupation)
Global Defense Initiative
Brotherhood of Nod (in occupation)

Appears in

Red Alert 1 (mentioned)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (mentioned)
Tiberian Sun (mentioned)

Oslo is the captial city of Norway. The country was attacked by Nod and GDI forces during the Second Tiberium War, notably the capture of Jake McNeil. By 2042, the whole of Norway was in a Blue Zone and supported the cause of the Global Defense Initiative.

Red Alert Universe

Oslo was part of the Allied Forces, home to the Northern Theater Operations Command Center. The Soviets had conquested the city during the Great World War II by using Finland to order and stage a kidnapping sequence on both Sweden and Norway as Allies. The counterpart is the Southern Theater of Operations in Madrid of Spain, but the Soviet Union took a hold of it and destroyed the main base. Both of those bases were destroyed in both Oslo and Madrid. In War of the Three Powers, the Northern and Southern Theater of Operations were both moved to Amsterdam and Denmark, despite another Soviet invasion of Europe.

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